History of Thai Urethane Group

1977 Established Thai Urethane Industrial Co., Ltd. for production of dry process polyurethane leather
1985 Established Thai Urethane Plastic Co., Ltd. (TUP) for production of wet process polyurethane leather
1987 Installation of 1st DMF recovery plant
1988 Increased production capacity of polyurethane leather (wet process machine no.2 and dry process machine no.2)
1989 Starting production of polyurethane resin for polyurethane leather application
1990 Installation of 2nd DMF recovery plant
1993 Start production of synthetic resins
- Alkyd resin
- Unsaturated polyester resin
- Amino resin
- Acrylic resin
- Polyurethane system for shoe sole
1994 Installation of wet process machine no.3 enhanced monthly production capacity upto 1,000,000 linear meters
1996 Joint venture with Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. established MRC Resins (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for Acrylic resin production.
1997 Started production of Saturated Polyester Powder resins: under Know how license ; Resinas Sinteticas S.A. : Resisa ( now Cray Velly , Spain )
2000 Joint venture with Akzo Nobel Chemicals International B.V. established Synthese (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for Alkyd, Amino and Polyester powder resin business. Currently, Allnex, Germany, has acquired Akzo Noble's resin business from Nuplex in 2016.
2002 Technical know-how collaboration with Kanebo Japan for production of polyurethane leather for sporting goods
2017 MRT Resins (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. has been changed the name to MRT Resins (Thailand) Co., Ltd. And the Japanese jointventure, Misubishi Reyon Co., Ltd., has been changed their name to Mishubishi Chemical Cooperation (MCC).